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front closeup of the Klear LAYLA Soundbar


The World's First Individually Calibrated Soundbar

Meet Layla

The World's First Soundbar Equalized by FIR Filters

The Klear LAYLA soundbar is engineered for people who demand impressive sound and minimalistic speaker design. You’ll be blown away by the performance and clarity of your sleek LAYLA soundbar. 


Whether you need better quality for movies, sports, concerts, or gaming, LAYLA brings your experience to the next level. You’ll enjoy enhanced speech intelligibility and never ask, “What did they say?” again. 
Thanks to Bluetooth™compatibility, LAYLA is a speaker upgrade for all your smart devices. 


Our in-house team of engineers individually calibrates each and every LAYLA.  Using Acoustic Power Lab’s unique measurement techniques and Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter technology, LAYLA provides an authentically natural sound experience. 

Due to the time and expertise these techniques require, they were previously only used with high-end professional sound systems. 
LAYLA is the first moderately-priced consumer soundbar to feature these custom adjustment technologies.

Product features

Layla Soundbar with a slim and modern design, perfect for any living room setting.

Sleek design

Sturdy, lightweight construction with a beautiful aesthetic.

Layla Soundbar placed in a cozy living room environment, enhancing the audio experience.

Fits in every environment

Compact casing houses two woofers and six dedicated speaker drivers.

Layla Soundbar's LED display with touch-sensitive buttons for easy control.

LED display

With touch-sensitive buttons.

Layla Soundbar seamlessly fitting under a TV, complementing the home theater setup.

Merge with your TV

LAYLA fits comfortably under any TV.

Back view of the Layla Soundbar showcasing its multiple connectivity options.


Works with Bluetooth™, HDMI ARC, or Optical/ Analog/ Coaxial cables.

Layla Soundbar delivering powerful audio, eliminating the need for a separate subwoofer.


Amazing audio range from a single soundbar. 
No subwoofer required.


We’re on a mission to unlock the full potential of sound to make it sharper, more layered, and more powerful – as it’s intended to be heard.

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