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Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our website. We will place mandatory cookies, and if you agree, also statistics cookies to analyze our website and marketing cookies to provide you with the most relevant advertising.

1. What are cookies

Cookies or other similar things are small text files or pieces of information saved by a web browser in your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet). Cookies are used to identify the browser or save information or settings in the browser when you visit our website.

2. What types of cookies do we use

  • Mandatory cookies

  • What they are

They are necessary for the website to function correctly. For example, to create an account, to allow you to log in, to remember which cookies you have consented to.

  • What they do

They identify your device but do not disclose your identity and do not collect information.

  • For how long

They are inserted automatically and stored on your device until the end of the session or permanently.

  • Statistics cookies

  • What they are

They collect information about how you interact with our website. For example, to determine the most frequently visited sections and the most often used services.

  • What they do

They are used for analytical purposes to understand our users’ interests and make our website user-friendly.

  • For how long

They are stored on your device for as long as set by cookie providers (ranging from one day to permanently).

  • Marketing cookies

  • What they are

They show you relevant advertising on other websites and may be placed by our advertising partners to create their own interests.

  • What they do

They remember that you have visited our website and may be used to show you personalized ads on social media and other sites.

  • For how long

They are stored on your device for as long as set by cookie providers (mostly permanently).

3. Third-party cookies

We may use third-party services, like analytics or marketing, to know what is popular on our website and to advertise our website and services. Respective service providers process all information received from third-party cookies. You may opt-out at any time from third-party cookies.

4. How you can control cookies

  • Deletion. You can delete all cookies stored on your browser at any time. By clicking on

the “history” or “help” button on your browser, you can find instructions on deleting

stored cookies.

  • Browsers. Note that you must delete or change the settings for each browser and

each device that you use.

Effective as of 10 June 2021.

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