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The World's First Soundbar Equalized Using FIR Filters!


The Klear LAYLA soundbar provides stunning sound performance from a minimalistic design.

LAYLA brings the experience of movies, sports, concerts, and gaming to the next level.

Enjoy enhanced speech intelligibility and never ask, “What did they say?” again.


LAYLA is a speaker upgrade for all your smart devices with Bluetooth™ compatibility.



Our In-House Team of Engineers Individually Calibrates Each and Every LAYLA Soundbar


Using Acoustic Power Lab’s unique measurement techniques and FIR filter technology, LAYLA provides an authentically natural sound experience.

Due to the time and expertise these techniques require, they’re usually only used with high-end professional sound systems.

LAYLA is the first moderately-priced consumer soundbar to feature these custom adjustment technologies.

Klear Layla

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