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5 Reasons to Choose Klear LAYLA Soundbar Over Any Other Brand

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Price, brand, Bluetooth™, surround, and power are all points you should consider when buying a soundbar. There are various comparison and review sites, but they differ quite a bit in their final verdict.

Why not choose the soundbar that has it all at a competitive price? Of course, comparing products can be fun and provide some much-needed background, but why make it unnecessarily difficult?

The Klear LAYLA Soundbar Has Everything!

Enjoy the best of the best, Klear Layla


The price of a soundbar at the average electronics store is between 299 and 499 euros. This price range includes all soundbar brands. Of course, there are cheaper and more expensive options.

Klear LAYLA is right in the middle of this price range at 399 euros.


The most important thing about a soundbar is its sound (obviously). But then you get to a website, and everything gets confusing. Dolby Digital Plus, Atmos, True HD, DTS:X, and additional surround formats complicate matters.

So let's explain the most common ones:

Dolby Digital: a technique where you can use six channels

Dolby Digital Plus: up to 6 Mbit/s bit rate, so faster audio data | 7 channels

Dolby Atmos: sends sound toward your ceiling, which reflects onto your listening position

DTS:X: similar to Dolby Atmos

APFR: often found on professional sound bars – A specially developed program fixes sound pressure values at separate points and later calculates sound

DTS-HD: a multi-channel, lossless audio codec developed as an extension of the lossy DTS Coherent Acoustics codec

With the Klear LAYLA APFR, you get professional sound at home!

We achieve this by performing speaker calibration techniques on each and every soundbar. This attention to detail produces the first mainstream soundbar that sounds like a high-end professional system.

We equalize the Acoustic Power Frequency Response of the LAYLA soundbar’s loudspeakers. This gives you a uniquely unadulterated sound experience – at the best value on the market.


The power answers the question, “How loud can my sound system get?” A deciding feature for many shoppers, but what does the power in watts really say, and which watt measurement should you pay attention to?

The same exact soundbar can be listed with different wattages on different websites. So it’s important to know what measure the website is using.

Is it the peak load, RMS power, or the total number of watts it can produce?

These questions need specific explanations, and even then, it can be difficult to understand for those who aren’t well-versed in this technology. For example, two soundbars can cost $1000, one producing 120 watts and the other over 800 watts.

Klear LAYLA strives for the best-priced quality experience. The Klear professionals are equipped with technology that provides professional-level sound at home.


Depending on what you want from your soundbar, paying attention to what they can do is essential. Can you connect to the TV or use streaming capabilities? Can you play music from another device, like your smartphone?

It’s important to know in advance what you want to do with your soundbar. Watch TV, stream music, or play games with your friends?

Whether you’re watching your favorite movies, shows, sports, concerts, or gaming online, the Klear LAYLA soundbar is designed to take your experience to the next level.

It’s also great at enhancing speech intelligibility, making LAYLA the perfect Bluetooth™ speaker for all your devices.


If you want to throw a garden party with music, host a unique gaming experience with friends, or just watch TV with ultra-clear sound, then it’s wise to pay attention to several points

● Equipment connection: wired or wireless

● Streaming capabilities

● Remote control

● Weight

● Dimensions

The LAYLA soundbar offers many possibilities to use your soundbar in different ways. LAYLA is perfectly suited for any environment, even delivering a speech!

Where most soundbars have an average weight between 4 kg and 6kg, the Klear LAYLA is lightweight, with only 2.7kg. Measuring L 900mm x W 98mm x H 60mm, the Klear LAYLA is portable and fits wherever needed.

The LAYLA soundbar is designed to take your experiences to the next level.

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