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5 reasons to choose a Klear Layla soundbar over another brand.

Price, brand, bleutooth, sourround, power are all points you factor in when buying a soundbar. And then there are the various comparison and review site that can differ quite a bit in their final verdict. But why not choose a soundbar that has it all at a competitive price? Of course, comparing a product can be fun and provide some much-needed forethought but why make it hard on yourself when it can be easy.

The Klear Layla Soundbar has it all!!

Enjoy the best of the best, Klear Layla

#1 PRICE. The price for a soundbar at the average electronics store is between 299 and 499 euros. Of course, there are cheaper and more expensive soundbars. Within this price range, all brands are represented with their Soundbar. Klear Layla is right in the middle of this price range with 399 euros. #2 SURROUND SYSTEM. Of course, the most important thing about a soundbar is the sound. Therefore, this is the reason to purchase one. But then you get to a website and everything gets confusing. Dolby digital plus, Atmos, True HD, DTS:X and more surround formats. So let's explain the most common ones: DOLBY DIGITAL: a technique where you can use six channels DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS: a bit rate of up to 6 Mbit/s so faster audio data | 7 channels DOBLY ATMOS: sound is also sent to the ceiling and reflected back to your listening position DTS:X: This is similar to dolby atmos APFR: often found on professional sound bars - A specially developed program fixes the value of the sound pressure at separate points and later calculates sound DTS-HD: a multi-channel, lossless audio codec developed by DTS as an extension of the lossy DTS Coherent Acoustics codec. With the Klear Layla APFR a professional sound at home! We achieve this through a speaker calibration method performed on each and every soundbar. This allows us to propose to you the first mainstream soundbar that sounds like a high-end system professionals would use. We equalize the Acoustic Power Frequency Response of our Klear LAYLA soundbar which for you means a unique, unadulterated sound experience – the best value on the market. Each and every LAYLA Soundbar is individually calibrated by our team of in-house engineers utilizing Acoustic Power Lab’s unique measurement techniques and Finite Impulse Response filter technology, giving you a pro-level, precise, natural sound experience from your soundbar #3 POWER: The power or how loud can my sound system go? For many people important, but what does the power in watts really say and what should you pay attention to. On one website the number of watts of power and on another website the same soundbar has a completely different wattage. So it is important to know what the website is talking about. Is it the peak load the RMS power or the total number of watts the product can produce. This needs quite a specific explanation and even then it is a hard one for many to understand if you are not at home in this world. For example, there are $1000 soundbars with 120 watts and for the same price soundbars with 800+ watts Klear Layla strives for the best price quality experience and through their technology you get professional sound level in your home #4 STREAMING. Depending on what you want to do with your soundbar, it is important to pay attention to what your soundbar can do. Can you connect it to the TV or can you use streaming capabilities. For example, play music from another device such as your cell phone. B It is important to know in advance what you want to do with your soundbar. Watch TV, stream music via e.g. mobile phone or play games with your friends. Klear Layla streaming Whether you are watching movies, your favorite shows, sports, concerts or gaming, the LAYLA soundbar is designed to take your experience to the next level. It is also wonderful for enhancing speech intelligibility. The Klear LAYLA soundbar also makes a great Bluetooth™ speaker for your mobile devices. #5 USER CONVENIENCE: If you want to provide a party in the garden with music, a unique gaming experience with your friends or just watch TV with a unique sound experience then it is good to pay attention to several points Equipment connection: wired or wireless Streaming capabilities Remote control Weight Dimensions The Klear Layla offers the perfect possibilities to use your soundbar in different ways. Even for speeches the Klear Layla is perfectly suited. Where most soundbars have an average weight between 4kg and 6kg, the Klear Layla is a lightweight among soundbars with only 2.7kg. Measuring L 900mm x W 98mm x H 60mm, the Klear Layla is easy to carry or move for use elsewhere. the LAYLA soundbar is designed to take your experience to the next level

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