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5 Reasons to have a soundbar in your home

You know them, those flat long things by the television. The soundbar. But what is this device for? And is it worth having a soundbar with your television? We at Klear would like to explain that to you in the following article.

Klear Layla soundbar, 5 reasons to have a soundbar


The Soundbar, widely available at every electrical store in all kinds of price ranges from various brands. Think brands like Bose, JBL, Samsung, Sonos and KLEAR.

A soundbar lifts the TV sound to a higher level and since the sound quality of televisions nowadays is very high, you can be sure that a good quality soundbar will surpass this sound many times over.

5 Reasons to have a soundbar

#1 Viewing pleasure thanks to the sound bar

As just mentioned, a soundbar takes the sound of the television to the next level. Your favorite movie with the perfect sound increases the viewing pleasure.

Did you know that KLEAR's Layla soundbar is the world's first individually calibrated soundbar?

#2 A soundbar is easy to pair with your TV.

No fussing with cables and cords across the room to connect everything correctly as is the case with a home theater set. Just place the soundbar near your television and a short HDMI cable to the television and a plug to the power point is all you need.

The Layla by Klear is equipped with a Bluetooth system. This makes pairing even easier and allows you to also play sound and music from your cell phone, for example. This allows you to quickly and easily enjoy movies, sports games, concerts or games TIP: It is also wonderful to use your Klear Layla for enhancing speech intelligibility.

#3 Space saving with a soundbar

A major advantage of the soundbar is its compact size. By placing a soundbar near the television, no space is actually lost elsewhere in the room.

The soundbar technology ensures that the sound is spread throughout the room to create a 3D effect. This not only saves space on the installation but also on the various speakers that are scattered around the room to achieve the 3D effect.

#4 The Price of a Soundbar

The price of a soundbar does not compare with the price of expanded sets that are often expensive, while the sound quality of a soundbar and that of an expanded home theater set are similar.

#5 Taking along and moving a soundbar

Playing a game or gaming with your friends? Watching that romantic movie with your best friend and enjoying the best quality sound? Then the Soundbar is really a MUST HAVE. Easy to take with you and as described in point 2 the soundbar is paired with your bleutooth within sec and you can enjoy using your soundbar.


The LAYLA soundbar is designed for the people who demand impressive, natural sound from a sleek, minimalistically designed speaker. You will be blown away by the performance and clarity of the Klear LAYLA soundbar. Whether you are watching movies, your favorite shows, sports, concerts or gaming, the LAYLA soundbar is designed to take your experience to the next level. It is also wonderful for enhancing speech intelligibility. The Klear LAYLA soundbar also makes a great Bluetooth™ speaker for your mobile devices. Each and every Soundbar is individually calibrated by our team of in-house engineers utilizing Acoustic Power Lab’s unique measurement techniques and Finite Impulse Response filter technology, giving you a pro-level, precise, natural sound experience from your soundbar. These techniques were previously applied only to high end, professional sound systems due to costs and the expertise required. This is the first time these custom adjustment technologies have been applied to consumer level, moderately priced loudspeakers.

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