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5 Reasons to Have a Soundbar in Your Home

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

You know them, those long flat things under the television. The soundbar. But what is this device for, and is it worth having a soundbar with your television? We at Klear would like to explain this in the following article.

Klear Layla soundbar, 5 reasons to have a soundbar


Soundbars are widely available at every electronics store at many price ranges from various brands. Think brands like Bose, JBL, Samsung, Sonos and KLEAR.

A soundbar lifts TV audio to a higher level. Good soundbars surpass the quality of built-in TV speakers many times over.

5 Reasons to Have a Soundbar:

#1 Sound Quality Improves Your Viewer Experience

As mentioned, a soundbar takes the sound of your television to the next level. Sound design is a huge component of your favorite movies and shows. Try watching them again with real speakers and listen to what you’ve been missing.

Fun Fact: KLEAR's LAYLA soundbar is the world's first individually calibrated soundbar!

#2 Soundbars Easily Pair With Your TV

No fussing with cables and cords across the room to construct a space-consuming home theatre set. Just place the soundbar near your television, connect them with a short HDMI, plug in the power cable, and you’re done!

The LAYLA by Klear is equipped with Bluetooth™ to make pairing even easier and allow you to play sound from any mobile device.

This allows you to quickly and easily enjoy movies, sports, concerts, or gaming.

TIP: Trouble hearing movie dialogue? LAYLA enhances speech intelligibility!

#3 Soundbars Save Space

A major advantage of the soundbar is its compact size. You don't lose any room space by placing a soundbar near your television.

The soundbar technology ensures that sound is spread throughout the room to create a 3D effect. This provides the immersion of “surround sound” without the hassle or space waste of installing several speaker systems.

#4 The Price of a Soundbar

The price of a soundbar does not compare with expensive expanded home theatre sets, but the sound quality is similar.

#5 Soundbars Are Portable

Gaming with your friends or watching live sports? Settling in for a romantic movie with someone special? Then the soundbar is really a MUST-HAVE. It’s easy to transport and pairs with Bluetooth™ in seconds. wing pleasure thanks to the sound bar


The Klear LAYLA soundbar is engineered for people who demand impressive sound and minimalistic speaker design. You’ll be blown away by the performance and clarity of your sleek LAYLA soundbar.

Whether you need better quality for movies, sports, concerts, or gaming, LAYLA brings your experience to the next level. You’ll enjoy enhanced speech intelligibility and never ask, “What did they say?” again. Thanks to Bluetooth™compatibility, LAYLA is a speaker upgrade for all your smart devices.

Our in-house team of engineers individually calibrates each and every LAYLA. Using Acoustic Power Lab’s unique measurement techniques and Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter technology, LAYLA provides an authentically natural sound experience.

Due to the time and expertise these techniques require, they were previously only used with high-end professional sound systems.

LAYLA is the first moderately-priced consumer soundbar to feature these custom adjustment technologies.

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